6758 Oxford Ave., Fairlawn VA 24141

Ministries of Fairlawn Baptist Church...

Youth Ministry

Fairlawn Baptist Youth Crusaders

Leaders: Zac and Grace Bayse

Focus: We work to help each youth grow in their spiritual path with the Lord. In our youth group we are currently focusing on team building activities to strengthen the relationship between our members. Additionally, we are working to dive deeper into passages in the Bible, teaching our youth to find meaning in the scripture. We strive to have an open-minded approach to discussing the struggles young Christians are facing today. Our emphasis is to help each youth find their individual spiritual gifts and how we can use them together to represent the unity of Christ.

Camp: Each year we participate in our annual church fruit sale to raise money for our youth to attend Look Up Lodge located in Travelers Rest, SC. It is a 5-day long camp in which the youth (as well as leaders) are taught Biblical skills to use in everyday life. It is an amazing experience that the youth anticipate each year!

Missions: In our weekly lessons we are currently discussing ways to serve in our community. We will update this as soon as God has called us to a specific mission!