6758 Oxford Ave., Fairlawn VA 24141

Ministries of Fairlawn Baptist Church...

Children's Ministry

Wednesday Evening Children’s Ministry

Team Leader: Carrie Houston

Helpers: Peggy Lester, Lisa Martin and Becky Elswick

We provide a safe, fun environment where children of all ages can learn about Jesus through Bible study, worship, monthly Kids night out, crafts, and much more! Our number one goal is to love, teach, and equip children to shine the light of Christ in our community and throughout the world. We desire to partner with you in your journey as you raise up your child in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Children’s Worship

Team Leader: Aimee Davis

Team Members:(Team 1) Chrissi Vest, Scott Vest; (Team 2) Aimee Davis, Jamie Thompson; (Team 3) Alice Bayse, Grace Bayse, Sarah Haga; (Team 4) Claudine Grieshaber, Lisa Martin; (Team 5) Peggy Lester, Helpers

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